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                                                                     αe                 QUEER ANALYTICS--  OPERATIONS + NONPROFIT EXPERIMENTS  --  QUEER ANALYTICS              OTHERWISE...OR NOT
   ᘒ  ፨ ᚼ  ◊  ᗶ +   ^ + Æ (DAMAGE) / ∫   = ^ + ∬ /  (xΩ , xΔ, xa, x∃, x©, x≠)    +>> + i+*+ # +" +♥ + ↺+♙+ ♞ + ↺+ ✵+⚕ (tΩ , tΔ, ta, t∃, t©, t≠) =   QÆ (QUEERING DAMAGE OR N)
                                                                   αK             SPECIFIC ENTANGLEMENT                                                ---                  PARTIAL REFIGURED ENTANGLEMENT


1) define your field of interest - cut apart and togehter an area of urgency

2) declare your AE: Entangled Agents (Æ = pH+pNH+pIH+pF)

3) divide by the axioms of αe (ethics) and αK (Kapital)

4) define the spacetime conditioning: ʃT (ephemeral, eternal, cyclic, linear, continuous, eventual, historical present, memory, extincted, dreamed, extended, distributed, dissoluted, dispersed, concentrated, catalized, centrifugal, centripetal, located, situated, regional, local, global, reachable, micro, meso, macro...)

5) analyze and notate the Æ through a consideration of its Variable Relations (Ω repair, Δ damage, a affects, E effects, (c) creative force, ≠difference)

6) apply at least one Generative Operation for your analysis

7) declare your QÆ = qH+qNH+qIH+qF+qd)

8) divide by the axioms of αe (ethics) and αK (Kapital)

9) = Name your refigured QAE... or not...

ELEMENTS to work with:

--- fabulated equations

Forumlae: "A formula is a special type of equation that shows the relationship between different variables"

Formula describes a scene

Equation is to be solved



>> remediate

^scale timespace to n

i integrate

* multiply

# speculate

" renarrate

♥ love








Ω repair

Δ damage

a affects

∃ effects

© creative force



αe axiom of ethics (survival, caretaking, respect, responsability)

αK Kapital (accumulation, acquisition, growth)


ᘒ On the experience and process of damage and pain, partial reparation, loss/disposession

፨ On queer politics and methodologies, contestation, affirmation

ᚼ On contesting anthronormativities

⚘ On bioeconomies, lively capital, accumulation

◊ On computation, analytics, bioinfotech

ᗶ On political fictions, poethics, figurations &/or wild fantasies, opportunities

= queer analytics

(D+h+ Mc) x Lauren Berlant = QA --

+ at unicode chart -> https://unicode-table.com/en/ + tricks to write formulae: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Displaying_a_formula

Queer Algorithm