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operation 3: wetlab subculturing (=dreamed formulae).

Slime Mold Figurations and Imaginations:

Activating Physarum polycephalum from Selerotium:

To activate the Slime Mold following the instructions provided by the lab: (other alternatives are possible!)

1. Spoon off some Agar and make liquid

2. Next line a petri with the Agar approx 5mm + let it cool

4. Place the Slime mold face down on the Agar and moisten the paper with a couple of drops of water

5. Place some oats in the dish

6. Place in a dark place.


1.Place paper in the base of the petri dish/or other site

2. Moisten the paper with a couple of drops

3. Place the Sclerotium face up on the paper

4. Place some oats in the dish.

5. Place in a dark place


Consider another way to activate the Slime Mold outside of the lab protocols! Little Punks!!


1.Work with the Activated Slime Mold to speculate with it:


How do we make space for nonhuman analytics?

What might this be(always already)? What are the analytics of slime mold? Does it make sense to think the analytics of Slime Mold apart from ourselves/environments?

What would other analytics bring, such as dreaming with the wetlab, bitflipping as an analytics, or rotting with the wetlab as an analytics?

10. Speculate fabulate some new analytics, political fictions &/or wild fantasies formulae with the slime mold and document them. Slime-molds-23.jpg